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Human story: Reach Foundation

Kayne Tremills

My brief was to capture the essence of the people of Reach — their motivations and their passions —in super-short web bios. One of these was for Kayne Tremills — Gen Y TV personality extraordinaire. It was a fun gig!

Kayne Tremills

“School was never my thing,” Kayne says of his adolescence.

“I was loud, disruptive and really angry for most of my teenage years. I was hurt, and I started to really fall off the rails by about Year 10.

“After my first couple of experiences with Reach, I realised that I didn’t want to be a f*ck up. I didn’t want to do nothing with my life… And so I suppose it kind of planted a seed within me.”

After leaving school in Year 10 and working at a local surf shop, Kayne came to Reach in 2007 with a gutful of ambition and an eagerness to learn.

“I really wanted to become a facilitator and to work with young people. I sought out heaps of mentors, did a bunch of personal development stuff, and learnt how to be confident in who I was.”

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