because stories sell

Shakespeare was a marketing genius (or why storytelling is a strategic business tool).


For anyone who believes storytelling is a soft art, I have one word for you: Budweiser.

I’m sure you’ve seen that viral ad, ‘Puppy Love’, which features the tale of two unlikely, star-crossed ‘buds’, a Labrador puppy and a Clydesdale. In a nutshell: The two are inseparable, cavorting together in bucolic farm-y bliss — until the pup is adopted and driven away from his soulmate, his big puppy eyes full of grief and loss. The turning point in this tragic tale comes when the Clydesdale rallies the other horses and stops the car from leaving. The friends are reunited and the world returned to its proper orbit.

So why is a beer company talking to us about family pets and farm animals?

Because stories sell. The Budweiser ad smashed viewer polls and tugged heavily on the heartstrings of its target audience using the same storytelling techniques nailed by Shakespeare in the 16th century. Learn more about the irresistible power of storytelling and how it can boost your business success.

The irresistible power of storytelling