because stories sell

Martha says...


Stories stick.

Did you know? Telling a story in your presentation is not only a sure-fire way to connect with your audience, but they will be…


Connections start with questions.

I once managed a photo shoot for a blue-chip, bringing together the executive to capture them in this moment in the company’s history.

I had a tiny window of opportunity to help create a rapport and an energy that would translate into some fantastic shots. Somehow I had to shake these serious-minded, time-poor men from their workday reveries and help them open up for the camera.

The first executive arrived, looking harried and uninterested. He and I stood in an awkward silence as he checked his watch and peered through the open door.

I swear I could hear that watch ticking.

I asked him a question.

‘Tell me about your very first day with the company.’

A moment passed. His eyes widened, then softened…