because stories sell

Interactive presentations: Make your own ad

Got a team conference coming up and looking for something a little more engaging than point-and-click PowerPoint presentations?

Want to inspire your team around the common cause of your brand, and how to sell it into the market?

Book a tailored ‘Storytelling for Business’ presentation!

A ‘Hey, Martha!’ Creative business storytelling presentation is the perfect blend of information transfer and active learning. But be warned, your audience will need to roll up their sleeves, because in the space of 1.5 hours, they’ll learn about how the world’s most successful companies use age-old storytelling techniques to make their award-winning ads, and how to use my original six-step process to create their own saleable brand stories. They will actually walk out with a product: a scripted 30-second ad!

This session is fun, engaging and a great team bonding exercise. I promise you’ve never experienced a presentation quite like it!

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