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Facing a creative block? Fold the laundry


Sometimes creativity can be found in the unlikeliest of places. Like in the bottom of a washing basket. True story.

This morning I signed up a new client for a workshop on creative content development/business storytelling. Put simply, I’ll be helping them tell their best brand stories. I was keen to get stuck straight into planning out an awesome, fun and useful session … but then reality struck like a ten-kilo pile of unfolded washing to the temple. I was in danger of being swallowed whole by rickety towers of towels, t-shirts, socks and undies, sitting judgementally in baskets all around my work space.

Anyone who works from home gets what I’m saying here. If I wanted the physical space to create, I was going to have to, um … create it! So I set to work tackling the insanely mundane, unending task of laundry sorting.
At first I was resentful of the time it was taking out of my work day, but after a while I found my rhythm. I was folding a fuchsia face washer when it happened. A brilliant idea struck. I’d love to share it with you. You’ll have to get along to a workshop sometime! Suffice to say, the sudden flash of inspiration made everything seem easier. The washing got done and I have a head start on this new gig, all without sitting in front of a computer or putting pen to paper.

The moral of the story is this: the creative brain can be unpredictable. It doesn’t work in a bums-on-seats, 9-to-5 kind of way. And it doesn’t always need mountaintops and incense to crank into gear, either. Mundane moments like this one can be all it takes to provide the kind of stillness we need to get the ideas flowing. Perhaps offices could assist their workers to think more creatively by shipping in baskets of ‘mindfulness’ such as mine. Or maybe you should just all go solo, run your own hours, do the laundry when you ‘should’ be working, and let your brilliant mind do its thing!