Hey, Martha – Would you look at this!*

Content strategy and development services for building better brands.

Stories are what define us as human. They bring us together, help us make sense of our world and offer a sense of community and shared understanding.

They also sell.

Ideas. Products. Services. Every business has a story.

‘Hey, Martha!’ Creative is a specialist content strategy, development and consulting service dedicated to helping all kinds of businesses tell their best stories. Work with us to:

* Refine your brand storywho you are, what you stand for and why we should care
* Grow market share and brand recognition through a content strategy workshop
* Develop stand-out web copy that supports your brand promise, attracts customers and drives loyalty
* Write video scripts, speeches, case studies and blogs that really sell.

‘Hey, Martha!’ Creative has the ability to bring your content, and your brand, into the third dimension: Leaping off the podium, page or screen and capturing an audience — and a market share.

We want to help you define, share and sell your story. Call us now. We are all ears.

*A ‘Hey, Martha!’ story is the type of tale that causes the reader to choke on his or her morning toast. It immediately connects with the reader and inspires the impulse to shout out and share it.